How To Choose A Good Wedding Photographer In Idaho

I had a question come to me recently about choosing a good wedding photographer when there aren’t very many to choose from. How do you choose the best photographer when you have only a handful to pick from. In this situation most photographers may look the same, have the same ‘competitive’ pricing and may be desperate for the work. It is important to take things slow. Don’t rush into a deal with a wedding photographer, especially when you only have a few to choose from.

How About A Destination Wedding Photographer?

Have you looked into finding a destination wedding photographer? Even though you may live in a small town like Weiser Idaho, that does not mean you can’t find a photographer would would be willing to travel to you on your special day. Many destination photographers enjoy the experience of new places and the idea of traveling. Some will even do the wedding photography for free as long as you pay their way to you. There are countless numbers of destination wedding photographers out there, but choosing one doesn’t come without risk. Since you don’t know who they are, you have to trust everything you find about them on the Internet. From their past work, past clients and from reviews about their business.

Here Is A List To Help You Choose The Best Wedding Photographer In Idaho

  • Look at their website and see their past work. (You can open multiple browsers and compare their work).
  • Compare their prices and see what each photographer offers and doesn’t offer.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest in order to save money. If you like one photographer over the rest, try to negotiate. Many photographers who work out of small towns may be willing to negotiate their prices or packages.
  • How for will each photographer have to travel? If you like a photographer in Boise Idaho but your wedding is in Weiser Idaho (a good hour drive), then will they be willing to drive the distance or be willing to give you a deal.

If you can’t find a good wedding photographer in your location, many photographers love to travel. This might be a good option for you if you found someone you liked in another city. Our friends Kelsey and Kyle love to travel and even though they are wedding photographers in Maple Valley Washington, they don’t mind traveling to other states or location weddings. You can even entice the photographers to be at your wedding if you choose a tropical paradise. Most of these traveling photographers waive their normal fees and just charge their travel expenses. Be sure to ask some of your favorite distant photographers how they handle distant weddings.

Outdoor Wedding Photography – Best Locations

Outdoor weddings are usually the most popular type of wedding. People love to get married outside, where the sun is (hopefully) shining down on that wonderful day. Outdoor weddings offer many great things for photographers. The scenery, the beauty of the outdoors makes it one of the ultimate choices when choosing to get married outdoors or inside. But what if you cannot get married outside or you live in a climate where the rain is completely unpredictable? Maybe its not just the rain but also the wind. There is not other stress than the stress of hoping and wishing that the weather will cooperate on your wedding day, not just for you but also for your wedding photographer in Maple Valley.

Taking pictures outside, when its cloudy is something your photographer should be used to, but as with anything its not the ideal situation. Besides your wedding day should be perfect, weather and all.

Here are some of the best locations for outdoor weddings:

  1. Sunny South – Many states in the south are sunny and either warm or very hot in the summer. Because of their terrain, its easier to predict the weather in the south than it is in a place like Seattle or even in Alaska.
  2. Caribbean Islands – Sunny most days of the year. Down fall is the high humidity.
  3. Hawaii offers some of the best scenic and outdoor wedding locations. Thousand of people travel to the Hawaiian Island every year to tie the knot. Not only does Hawaii offer sunny and warm days but the likelihood of it raining on your wedding day is very slim.

Even if you cannot afford to travel for your wedding location, many choose to stay close to home. In Washington State, the summers are usually warm and dry. Between late July through August it can be dry most days, making an outdoor wedding possible. But having your outdoor wedding in a location like this adds undo stress as it can rain at any time. Dry weather is never guaranteed in Washington, especially near Seattle. Yet the surrounding scenery makes for amazing wedding pictures. Make sure you find the best wedding photographer in your area who excels with outdoor photography.